Pom poms! One of the many forgotten things from my childhood (this includes slap bracelets, Stretch Armstrong and yo-yos). I'm not sure why, but I had this sudden urge to make some! Probably has got to do with me looking for a beanie pattern... I'm still trying to figure out what to do with all these pom poms that I've been making on the train (excellent time killer). I could make a mobile, but I think I'm leaning towards a floating pom pom garland.

I'm bridesmaid for a good friend this July, and I'm helping out with the decorations. I'm making some flowers from scratch using crepe paper, which I really love working with. It comes in so many beautiful colours and is pretty much stretchy paper, which I think is so amazing. For the wedding, the flowers are going to be attach to the bombonieres, but I've also made a garland using the flowers which looks so pretty! I will be posting up photos after the wedding, to be sure not to give anything away...

I just bought a pattern for an ascot scarf by Mel P, and I can't wait to start! Thinking of making it in either a deep red, mustard or navy. Perhaps if my first attempt is successful, I might make it in all colours.



This is Hamish, the stud. Isn't he the cutest??? 
He is wearing a crochet bow dog collar that I made for him. It the first crochet item I have made without referring to a pattern! Hooray! Moving up in the crochet world... 



I made my first piece of crochet jewellery! I am pretty happy with the results, although there is definitely room for improvement. The ends of the necklace aren't very straight, and I mean to improve on this. You can find the pattern for this necklace here

I made another trip to Lincraft, and came away with some 4 Ply Mercerised Cotton. This is the finest yarn I have ever bought, so I hope I will be able to crochet well with it! I have in mind to make more doilies and perhaps necklaces as well... 



I've been busy with everything other than blogging lately, especially crochet! 

A crochet bunting for a very old and dear friend - my first crochet item I have gifted!
(pattern here)

My first crochet doily - made especially for my Mum.
(please excuse the dirty table!)

A little crochet flower that I might turn into a brooch.