The 18th Biennale of Sydney is on! 

Last Saturday some friends and I went to see the art installations on Cockatoo Island. There was so much to see that we only managed to cover half the island. The installations that incorporated fabric and paper were my favourites, but I think the most amazing one was definitely Cloud Parking in Linz by Fujiko Nakaya. The pure-water mist started so slowly but then eventually engulfed the all of the open space... I could barely see past my arm and it felt like you were in a cloud. I guess this is the answer to all my wonderings when I'm in the plane up in the sky...

Industrial Doilies by Cal Lane. So pretty! 

This one reminds me of my childhood... 

I really loved this one by Monika Grzymala and Euraba Artists and Papermakers. 
The light from the windows paired with the paper gave it such an ethereal feel.

This installation was so intricate and such an adventure! You enter a paper maze and when you eventually reach the centre, you are rewarded with a huge paper column with peep-holes at random heights. When you peer through, this is one of the many things you see...

I think this was felt. I love felt! 

Because it has been a little wet in Sydney, there was moss everywhere! 

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