I bought a vintage brooch with my initial in Newtown, my old neighbourhood, which changes every time I go back for a visit. It is fast filling up with chain stores and many of the cafes and shops with so much character that used to define Newtown are closing down one by one... I did not make it in time to A Coffee and a Yarn as it is now closed down, and can only hope that some of my favourite shops that are still standing will remain...

I started using some of the new yarn I purchased for my crochet throw project. It is obvious that when I was crocheting the mint green granny square, I was highly strung as it was mid-work week. While  I was crocheting the purple granny square, I was nice and relaxed as I was having drinks and joking with one of my good friends on the weekend... The grey granny square was made on Sunday which shows hints of anxiety (about the work week starting) leaking through my calm weekend disposition.

Reuben Hills did not fail me again, as I caught up with a high school friend whom I have not seen since 2003! My most favourite cafe at the moment, but also the most crowded!

Watched Moon Holiday, who is now a two-piece band...

...and Devotional, whom I love and remind me of Twin Peaks... 

...both at Hotel Hollywood, that recently has started inviting bands to play, 
which I am very glad about as it is so close to my apartment. 

This French Onion Soup did not happen on the weekend, but is a nice start to the new week. 
I successfully cooked it but will try to add less salt next time. You can find the recipe here.



This is the result of my visit to Morris & Sons and Lincraft. 

The three balls of yarn in the middle are for my bows on bag project with Mimi, and the grey and purple yarn are for my crochet throw to go with the mint green yarn I have. 

One of my friends is having a housewarming party in the near future, and I thought I'd make a doily for his coffee table! Just need to find a good and easy pattern... I love the idea of giving handmade presents, instead of store-bought presents. 

Also, in other crochet news, I've joined Ravelry! It's an online community for people who knit and crochet to share their projects and patterns... It is so inspiring! There are some crochet lace shawl patterns that I have my eye on! But first, I have to complete my two concurrent projects! More crochet news next time.............



After fretting over not having a crochet or tapestry needle and trying to find one online, I opened my sewing kit and realised I had one all along! This meant that I would be able to complete my first crochet project ever - my crochet bow!!!!!!! Not a very ambitious project I must say, but I have great things in store for this little bow... And her other siblings that I have yet to create!

Now it's off to the yarn shop to buy way too much yarn and way too many crochet hooks! Yay!!



The day of my crochet class finally arrived on Saturday! It seemed like forever since I booked the class at Morris & Sons. Spots were snapped up so quickly and rightly so, as the teacher (Tia) was very friendly, insightful and funny. The class went for four hours and I came away with such sore shoulders and arms. But I was hooked! (no pun intended :\) I have completed two granny squares in two days! I also have mastered the slip stitch, chain stitch and the treble crochet stitch, and have decided that I will be making a multi-coloured crochet throw with the granny squares which will be so perfect for cold winter nights... I'm deciding on colours to add to my throw and am leaning towards a pastel colour palette... Pastel pink or yellow to go with this amazing mint green merino blend yarn I got from the Camberwell Markets during my trip to Melbourne.

I've also started another project (yes - two concurrent projects already, and it's only crochet day 3!). I am learning to make crochet bows (pattern here). To make crochet bows I had to learn how to do a double crochet stitch. theknitwitch is such a good YouTube channel to learn how to do stitches off because they are just so crystal clear!

So on the last day of the Easter long weekend, D and I decided to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens again to see how the rose garden was going and check out the herb garden. It's pretty amazing how the gardens change throughout the year - different areas flourish and others die down during the different seasons...

Mr Caterpillar on a rose bush leaf.

A pair of little lost pants!

Beautiful roses - I will never tire of them. I can't wait for when they all start to bloom at the start of winter! 
Definitely worth another visit to the gardens...