The day of my crochet class finally arrived on Saturday! It seemed like forever since I booked the class at Morris & Sons. Spots were snapped up so quickly and rightly so, as the teacher (Tia) was very friendly, insightful and funny. The class went for four hours and I came away with such sore shoulders and arms. But I was hooked! (no pun intended :\) I have completed two granny squares in two days! I also have mastered the slip stitch, chain stitch and the treble crochet stitch, and have decided that I will be making a multi-coloured crochet throw with the granny squares which will be so perfect for cold winter nights... I'm deciding on colours to add to my throw and am leaning towards a pastel colour palette... Pastel pink or yellow to go with this amazing mint green merino blend yarn I got from the Camberwell Markets during my trip to Melbourne.

I've also started another project (yes - two concurrent projects already, and it's only crochet day 3!). I am learning to make crochet bows (pattern here). To make crochet bows I had to learn how to do a double crochet stitch. theknitwitch is such a good YouTube channel to learn how to do stitches off because they are just so crystal clear!

So on the last day of the Easter long weekend, D and I decided to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens again to see how the rose garden was going and check out the herb garden. It's pretty amazing how the gardens change throughout the year - different areas flourish and others die down during the different seasons...

Mr Caterpillar on a rose bush leaf.

A pair of little lost pants!

Beautiful roses - I will never tire of them. I can't wait for when they all start to bloom at the start of winter! 
Definitely worth another visit to the gardens...

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