If there was a theme for last Saturday's Flora Morning class, it was definitely tropical. This came as a surprise because it is definitely very chilly and wintery in Sydney at the moment! Tropical flowers and experimental arrangements aren't really my style, so this week was quite a challenge for me. Nonetheless it was still fun to play around with the flowers and was a good experience for me to get out of my comfort zone. 

We got a chance to use floral foam this week. It's quite amazing how heavy the foam becomes after it's been soaked in water. Being an amateur florist, I can't always get the flowers to stay in the position I want them to be in. With floral foam, the flowers stay right where I place them! 

Another new thing I got to do this week was to create a floral arrangement in a husk. Very experimental and like I said before, completely not my style. Still, it was interesting to know that similar techniques can be adapted and used with different flowers and containers. 

Here I have prepared the floral foam by wrapping the bottom with cellophane, so that the water does not seep into the husk and make it soft. 

The next step was to place the Anthurium leaves at the lowest level of the floral foam, to help hide the floral foam. I really should have taken pictures of how I arranged each group & layer of flowers, but I guess I got carried away! 

And here it is! The front of the arrangement. The focal point of the arrangement is definitely the Heliconias. Here I have used 1 larger Heliconia with 2 smaller Heliconias to create this fan shape. Right next to the Heliconias you can just barely see some small balls of Dianthus Trixies. They were my favourite flowers to work with this week! Such cute little green balls that are so interesting. 

This is the back view of the arrangement which features 2 Anthurium flowers. 

I hope you enjoyed my tropical post this week. Looking forward to this Saturday's class. Hoping that there will be some roses or even peonies or dahlias, although I highly doubt it because it isn't the season for them... We have all been asked to look for unique vessels in which we would like to arrange flowers in, as during the last class we will have the opportunity to arrange flowers in the vessel of our choice! I have purchased a beautiful vintage vase, but I have yet to take a good photo of it. Photos to come in the next post!

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