The flower list for this morning's class. Chalkboards are so beautiful! I also love my teacher's handwriting. Watching her write is so mesmerising. And don't get me started on her arrangement demonstrations! Everyone pretty much watches with mouths gaping in a trance-like state, until she says, "Okay, now you have a go!" 

Flowers prepared and waiting to be arranged...

...into a vase! 

Today we learned how to do 3 types of arrangements... The first was a hand tied vase arrangement,  which means you arrange the flowers in a spiral pattern in your hand, then place it in the vase. For this arrangement, the flowers were evenly spread throughout the arrangement. Sadly, after we did this arrangement we had to undo it as we had to reuse the flowers for the next arrangement! 

This was the second hand tied vase arrangement. To give the arrangement a more dense look, flowers of the same kind were placed in bunches of 3 stems, with foliage placed in between each type of flower to break it up. From this picture, the arrangement looks kind of uneven and lacking in colour... But really it's because the lilies have yet to bloom! Similar to the arrangement before, this was undone to create our final arrangement which we got to bring home.

Finally, the third arrangement which was actually placed in the vase and not disassembled! It was funny how every one got so upset that they had to undo their arrangements... I guess it's because hand tied arrangements are quite a feat! They require a lot of hand and arm strength, as the flowers tend to get quite heavy and your grip has to be fairly strong. A few of us even got palm cramps from gripping the flowers too tight! Time to get one of these. So, onto the last arrangement... As we are a class of amateur florists, we were advised to use sticky tape to help hold our flowers in place. This meant sticking two pieces of sticky tape across the mouth of the vase in an 'X'. The tape helps hold the flowers and foliage in place, which is a great tip for budding florists (haha, punny!). 

Feeling sad that there isn't class next week as it is the long weekend... I guess it also means that the dreaded end of my classes is postponed? Not quite sure what I will do with myself after the classes are over. They make me so happy & really inspire me! Perhaps I will host a Flower Potluck just like Kinfolk did. That would be nice! In the meantime, Happy First Day of Winter! I will leave you with a picture of some pretty autumn leaves and my cold shivering feet. Note to self: Get boots!

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