I attended the first of five floristry classes at Pearsons School of Floristry this morning. As a result of my non-stop gushing over flowers and day dreams about being a florist, D decided that this course would be the perfect birthday present for me - which it is! However, it has been such a challenge to find five free Saturdays in a row, due to all the weddings that have been happening. But as winter approached, my Saturdays were gradually freed up. 

Eucalyptus gum nuts & Eucalyptus dollar gum

Tools of the trade. 
I'm excited about receiving my very own pair of florist scissors next week!

Brigitte, my teacher, and fellow florist-wannabes.

Brigitte's table

How to construct a flat back hand-tied bouquet.

A tussie-mussie. Also known as a nosegay or posy. 
To be placed on the dinner plate & is also a gift for your guest.

My Sing-stralian bouquet. 
It has Dendrobrium Orchids, Eucalyptus gum nuts and Eucalyptus dollar gum. 
The Orchid is Singapore's national flower, and the Eucalyptus is a native Australian plant.

This bouquet has Chrysanthemums, Lilium Asiatic (Lilies), Roses, Biburnum, Corclyline and Monsterea.
Assembling this hand-tied bouquet was quite challenging. I'm pretty sure my arm is going to be very sore tomorrow! 

The class was so inspiring and I loved every minute of it! I am usually a highly competitive person, constantly checking out what the next person is doing and trying to beat them at it. Or I try to be the first to finish the task at hand. However during this class I found myself completely submerged in my own work, taking my time so that each stem was perfectly placed. I was completely in awe of how swiftly Brigitte selected and trimmed each stem, then placed it in the most complimentary way. I cannot wait for next Saturday morning!

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  1. What a lovely birthday present! I looked at attending some floral arrangement classes too! OKOK crochet AND floral arrangement! Let you know how it goes :D *hugs* have fun! can't wait to see what else you come up with!