More green food today...

Warm glass noodles and edamame beans

I found this recipe in Plenty by Yottam Ottolenghi - the best cookbook I have ever purchased! It is full of delicious vegetarian recipes that are so appetising that even D, who loves his meat, asks me to cook from this cookbook. It was hard to justify buying all the exact ingredients for this recipe, so we substituted some of the ingredients with their more common cousins we already had in the pantry. We used brown sugar instead of palm sugar, olive oil instead of sunflower oil and groundnut oil, and used a lot less lime than suggested (2 and a half instead of 4!). After all of that, the dish still turned out delicious! Perfect for a summer lunch or if you are going for a picnic! Super easy to make too...

Earlier in the day, we went to check out the Rock 'n Roll & Alternative Market at the Jets Sport Club in Tempe. Claire had her Fifties Frock stall up so we kept her company. I was surrounded by so many cute and adorable things that I just had to buy more than I should have... 

Pretty vintage china plates made in Japan to add to my plate collection. 
Two for $10!!! What a bargain.

Cute flower stud earrings.

A wired polkadot headband and a pair of cat-eye glasses!


  1. Gonna check out that cookbook!

  2. Lovely buys! You must show me the rest of your plate collection! I'm gonna try your version of this recipe for lunch today (Ottolenghi is one of my favourite places to eat in London, btw!)

  3. Jacq: You definitely should! If you visit me I promise I will cook something from it for you...

    Jenna: Maybe I can blog about my plates! And we HAVE to go to Ottolenghi when I visit you!!! x